Burke Williams Day Spa in Pasadena


I consider Burke Williams one of the OG’s when it comes to day spas. I remember seeing a Burke Williams Day Spa when I was in high school and dreamt about the day I could spend a relaxing afternoon there. Fast forward to 12 years later, yeah it took me awhile, but I finally got my wish and the best part is that I got to share this experience with KSOLE.


Burke Williams created the day spa in 1984, elevating the spa experience to a new art form. It is a sanctuary, a space for wellness and beauty, inspiration and optimism.

From the minute you enter through the doors, you feel an immediate sensation of peacefulness. All your stress and worry from the day disappears. With the help of the friendly staff, you’re eased into a comfortable robe before your selected treatment begins. If you happen to arrive 30 minutes or more prior to your treatment, you can start off with a dip in the jacuzzi or spend some time in the quiet room, where you can rest or read.

The soothing music accompanied by the sounds from the fountain, in the common area, is probably the best thing I heard for that hectic Friday afternoon I was having. Not only was it slammed with a long list of to-do’s, I was also paranoid over traffic time that we would endure after our appointment. However, none of that mattered as soon as I met my masseuse.

We briefly chatted over problem areas, the type of pressure I preferred, and she made sure I was comfortable prior to the treatment starting. I opted for the 50-minute pure relaxation massage, as I was doing a spa bath afterwards, but an 80-minute option is available.

The spa bath is a 20-minute therapeutic herbal bath, drawn by a staff member, and is located in the women’s spa. The area is pretty dim and contains two baths, with some privacy. While the bath was quite relaxing, I don’t believe it was filled properly as I was still a bit exposed as the bubbles weren’t forming as they should. While I didn’t mind, I did find that it was odd that the attendant acknowledged this same fact but didn’t do anything about it. She was, however, kind enough to bring me fresh bananas and apples drizzled in chocolate while I bathed.

After my time was up, I was assisted out of the bath and headed to the showers for a quick rinse before retreating back to the common area for some more peace and quiet.


For those who need a monthly refresh, I know I do, Burke Williams does offer memberships starting at $95 (Essential membership). With the Deluxe membership, members can enjoy an 80-minute pure relaxation massage and the Beyond membership are for those who want to visit more frequently. Every membership comes with special discount pricing for selected treatments as well as monthly benefits.

While I enjoyed my couple hours of bliss, I do want to quickly point out a few things specific for this Pasadena location.

  • Entrance is in the alleyway and parking right across is $10 flat rate or you can park about a block away for 90-minutes free

  • Nothing special at all about the treatment rooms - very plain and basic. Also, my room was pretty cold during my treatment.

  • Robes don’t have pockets so don’t count on bringing your phone any where, but that’s probably a good thing

  • Women’s spa is pretty small, very dim, and decor is outdated

  • Tipping can be done when you check-out so don’t worry about having to do so after your treatment

  • They do not offer couples massages in this location - not sure about other ones

As always, I want to be completely honest with you so had to mention these things so you know what to expect when booking.

Regardless, I think Burke Williams is worth a visit. Schedule in some “me-time” and enjoy a few hours out of your day because you deserve it.

Disclaimer: This experience was in partnership with Burke Williams, however all opinions stated are of my own and 100% true.