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If there's ever been an app that has improved my lifestyle, this is it.

While I love my eye doctor and have been seeing her for years, I absolutely hate the drive. Los Angeles to Orange County can take over an hour with traffic, each way, which means I'm spending half my day just going to see my Ophthalmologist.

Thankfully, there's Simple Contact, an app that not only saves you time and stress, but literally has saved my life. I have a bad habit of never calculating how many contacts I have left. Often times, this leads to me rushing to figure out when I can get into the eye doctor's office and every single time I run out of contacts, it just happens to fall on a Tuesday - and the office is closed on Wednesday's.

Yes, I have a pair of glasses to wear but honestly, I hate wearing glasses when I'm out at events/meetings. Plus the prescription on those aren't up to date since my vision tend to change often. Yes, I could find another eye doctor but that can take forever and the last one I attempted to see, added me on Facebook right after, which was weird. Good doctors are hard to find!

With Simple Contacts, I can now take a vision test and order prescription contacts in under 10 minutes - or less. The vision test includes a redness exam, to confirm that you do not have any irritations from your current contacts. Instructions are easy to follow and all you need is your phone.

After the 2-minute exam, you select your preferred brand of contact lenses and submit your order. Within 24 hours, a certified Ophthalmologist reviews your results to confirm your prescription is right and ships off your order.

You are emailed throughout the process and customer service is extremely communicative, so you'll get all the help you need. 

Standard shipping is free, but faster delivery options are also available for people like me who need contacts the next day because they forgot they're on their last pair. Oops. The app is available in 20 states, including New York and California.

Simple Contacts has changed my life for the better by saving me time, stress, and a long ass drive! It's an app that I'll be using over and over again, as well as recommending it to my friends and family members.

In addition, Simple Contacts has given me a code to share with my readers to get $30 OFF your first purchase so make sure to use it ASAP! The code won't last forever and honestly, do you want to go see your eye doctor or would you rather order your contacts and go on with your day? 

Use code "BYLISALINH" for $30 off your first purchase now!

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This post is in collaboration with Simple Contacts, however all opinions are of my own.