Sperry, A Travel Friendly Shoe

For someone who is always on the go and hates checking in her luggage, I am always searching for travel friendly shoes that are not only comfortable, but also versatilely stylish. Typically sneakers are my go-to, but when it comes to island adventures, boat rides, and beach bound getaways, I reach for my Sperry's

The first time I wore Sperry's was in college. I remember them being super comfy, easy to throw on, and that they fit perfectly in my backpack (as I would switch into them after work). Unfortunately, because I moved every year for 4 years straight, they got lost in the shuffle of packing and unpacking, and it wasn't until recently that I reunited with Sperry.

Sperry's are one of the many pairs of shoes that I tend to overpack when I travel for three reasons:

1. They fit well in small spaces and don't lose their shape when squished, although I don't recommend packing them that way. I just personally tend to pack 4-6 shoes wherever I go, regardless if it's a weekend getaway or a week long trip. A selection of shoes are certainly one thing I have to have when I travel. 

2. They're versatile. From joggers to jeans, Sperry's tend to pair up well with any outfit. Not to mention they're easy to wear and there's a pair for everyone in your family from mens, women and kids. 

3. They're a timeless classic. Your parents have been wearing Sperry's long before you and our future kids will be rocking them too. Since 1935, Sperry's use high quality materials that lasts the test of time. They're reliable and are made for land and sea. 

With that being said, I'm excited to have been reunited with Sperry again and cannot wait to take them on more adventures.

This post was in collaboration with Sperry. All opinions stated are of my own.

Photos by KSOLE