Bring Your Hair Back to Life with Hair Food

It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and she was in the best of moods as she sat down, grabbed her iPhone, and began answering emails. She was about 10 minutes in when she was interrupted by the hairstylist who had been blow drying her hair.

Did you just dye your hair?” the hairstylist asked.

“No, I bleached it last summer but I know it’s still damaged and I’ve been working on it,” she replied, a little embarrassed at the condition of her hair.

“Oh I see. Yeah it’s really dry…you should probably do something about it” The hairstylist responded, as she continued to work.

She nodded in agreement and continued with her emails, ignoring the comment as she had heard it hundreds of time but she just hadn’t had the time, energy, or money to truly work on it. She figured it’ll just grow out, cut the damaged parts off, and move on. The problem was, her hair was damaged, therefore it wasn’t growing at the pace she wanted it to.

The next day, she met her friends over at Simply Stylist to chat all things fashion and beauty, and that’s when they introduced her Hair Food, the secret to better hair care. She made a Target run right after the meeting to check out Hair Food for herself.

Perfect for coarse, dry or damaged hair. Jasmine and vanilla fragrance, and sulfate free. I mean, it’s only $10 each so why not?” she thought to herself. She grabbed a shampoo and conditioner and moved onto the next aisle.

A few weeks later she went in for another blow dry session and happened to end up with the previous hair stylist. She braced herself for another comment about her hair but to her surprise, the hair stylist kept quiet the entire time. It wasn’t until she reached for her bag, about ready to leave the chair, when the stylist asked her, “What have you been using on your hair?”

She replied, “Oh this brand I picked up from Target called Hair Food.

This post is in collaboration with Simply Stylist and Hair Food.

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