Travel Light with Hunting World


Hunting World

Traveling the world one bag at a time

In collaboration with Hunting World.

She hugged him goodbye and watched as he drove off. Her heart was heavy, noticing that each time got a little harder. Turning towards the entrance, she pulled out her iPhone and smiled, staring down at the photo of them on her lock screen. Just three months until she sees him again. 

Grabbing her boarding ticket from her pocket, she proceeded to check-in her luggage but held onto her Hunting World bag. For such a small carry-on, she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to fit all her necessities. However, upon packing the day before, she found it was just enough space and the perfect size to travel around with. Her wallet, phone, phone charger, sunglasses, lipstick, and a few snacks were secured inside with the drawstring tie. Best of all, she would have more than enough leg room after placing this underneath the seat during her plane ride. 

"Flight 543 to NY is now boarding."

She let out a huge sigh, grabbed her things and walked towards her gate. She knew she'd be slammed with work once she landed and should probably have taken her laptop out of her luggage prior to check-in. But her mind was checked out, her heart was too sad, and all she wanted was to run back into his arms. 

It would be a long three months before they saw each other again and they knew that it was getting harder. This was never the plan, but her career kept her on the East Coast a lot longer than expected.

"Hello, welcome aboard." The stewardess said she stepped onto the plane.

She took her seat by the window and stared out onto the tarmac, closing her eyes and allowing herself to daydream of the day they'll be back together again.

Words by Lisa Linh | Photography by KSOLE