Ocean Eyes with Allure Bridals

In collaboration with Allure Bridals.

Standing quietly at the edge, he looked at her from across the water.

The sun was setting behind her, casting a glowing outline around her body. She looked like an angel, she was his angel. He wanted to reach out to her, to hug her and tell her that she was perfect but he refrained as she continued to gaze deeply into the ocean. 

She seemed lost in her thoughts and he wondered what she was feeling, but most of all, how could he take the pain away. He watched silently, patiently waiting until she was ready. 

The pressure, as invisible as it may be, was too much for her to bare. She stood quietly, unable to collect her thoughts as she looked at the deep sea underneath. 

Blurred snippets replayed in her mind, like a scratch on a CD, in which you just have to figure out which part of the song you're at. She took a deep breathe, closed her eyes, and exhaled the bullshit. 

Her heart pounded as her eyes remained closed. She heard the birds, the waves, the wind, and the faraway laughter of others.

She inhaled again slowly, seeing herself in her mind - running.

She was breathing heavily, watching as she saw herself running through a lush green forest and then suddenly stopping. She looked around, took a right and walked down an unfamiliar path. She looked around and didn't see anyone, but she was in search of someone. She couldn't explain what she was looking for, she didn't know what it was, but she knew that once she find it, things would be better.

He continued to watch her, paying close attention to the expressions on her face. She seemed distraught yet she didn't move. Her eyes twitched as she seemed to be reminiscing about something. He looked down at his watch, 5:56PM.

It started to get dark so he decided to make his way towards her.

She opened her eyes and exhaled, grabbing onto the side of her dress. Her palms were sweaty as she attempted to resolve what her mind was trying to tell her. Where was she going, what was she in need of?

Her thoughts were quickly disrupted as she heard rustling behind her. She turned and saw him staring at her, a look of concern across his face, as he slowly moved towards her.

She stood there, frozen, unable to move or speak. Not sure how to explain what was was going on and with little energy to even want to try. He grabbed her hands, which were still damp from the sweat and held it in his. 

They stood in silence, with her looking at the ground while he looked at her.

The wind blew past them and he pulled her closer to keep her warm. She allowed herself to be embraced as she breathed in his smell.

With the exhale, came relief and the reminder that she was not alone, anymore. With the second exhale, she gripped him a little tighter as they continued to stand in silence. 


Words by Lisa Linh | Photography by Jennifer Wu.