How The Genesis G90 Changed My Life

Push to start, standard.

Side mirrors automatically closes when car is locked, eh.

Oh backseat console so passengers can control the air and music from back there, that's cool.

Wait, what is this...

Multi-view camera, featuring 4 external cameras, a forward-view cornering camera, 2 side mirror cameras, and a rearview camera, all controlled via the Driver Information System (DIS). What does that all mean? Basically you can see your entire car, as if a drone is hovering over it, whenever you park - so you'll always perfect that parallel. 

But - this is just the start as to why I love this car.

Have you ever met a car that just feels like it was made for you?

When I stepped into the Genesis G90, I was taken aback by the luxurious seating and detailed interior features. I don't think I've met a car that allows me to adjust my seat 22 different ways, but I really wish they had this feature on the airplane.

I'll have to be honest and tell you that I was extremely intimidated by the size, as I've driven Corolla's all my life so imagine going from that small compact car to this full size luxury sedan. Quite a huge difference but it was so easy to get used to.

In the G90, I felt like a boss and this car certainly was made for one. Every person I've shown the Genesis to has been equally impressed, including my mother, and she's a tough one. 

As with my last auto review, I'll refrain from boring you with the specs and will proceed in telling you how this car has changed my life in two ways.


My first Corolla collected over 150K miles in less than 7 years. That's how often I drove and after 4 accidents (not all my fault), my 2006 Corolla gave up on me. Due to the nature of my career, I opted for another Corolla since my first was so trusty. 

The first drive I made in the G90 was smooth and stress-free. I had everything I needed to drive comfortably for long hours, the car provided me the support I needed to drive safely, and it had my back, literally - with all the camera views and warning notifications when other cars were too close.

I didn't have to worry about a single thing when I was in that car. It was a car that I could truly trust and that sense of security is amazing. I would've never trusted myself in a car that big, but the G90 pushed me out of my comfort zone and I loved it.

I had promised myself that I push myself out of my comfort zone this year and the G90 was a reminder for me to keep my promise. Therefore, I signed myself up for a zip lining adventure next week in Canada - so wish me luck and let's hope I come back alive.


With the Genesis G90, everything comes standard. Yes, the high quality interior, lane keep assist, automatic cruise control with full stop-and-go, and comes with the convenience of a wireless charging pad for personal devices. This car has everything you need and a few extras because it's a total show off.

Realizing that all these bells and whistles come standard made me want to change things up on By Lisa Linh. I started wondering why should someone pay extra for something that would make their life better?

Many sell e-courses and e-books on how to be Instafamous, gain a following, etc. But I don't want to sell knowledge, I want to teach it and so I plan on providing more helpful guides, cheat sheets, and ultimately 15 minute sessions where anyone can ask me anything.

To start off, I'm offering you my FREE guide to 3 Ways to Save on Your Next Getaway! All you have to do is input your email address below and you'll get a copy sent via email.

I never was a fan of brand names nor did I care about what I was driving. I still don't mind my Corolla but the Genesis G90 certainly has opened up my eyes and is making me truly reconsider. 

Just need about $68K now...

  Thanks to  Drive Shop  for lending me the car to test drive for nearly two weeks. I really did not want to return it, but am grateful that in the short amount of time, I was able to learn a thing or two.

Thanks to Drive Shop for lending me the car to test drive for nearly two weeks. I really did not want to return it, but am grateful that in the short amount of time, I was able to learn a thing or two.