Fleetwoods on Front St.


Walk up the stairs, turn left instead of right, and go straight to the rooftop. This is the place you want to catch the sunset at, as you not only get a great view and delicious food, but you'll also be highly entertained.

A sunset ceremony accompanies you while you start the evening, may I suggest one of their many amazing cocktails? The menu may be a bit overwhelming but whatever you end up choosing, I guarantee that you'll love it. 

We started our evening off with an Irish jig, literally. It was a great ice breaker and put us in a wonderful mood for the remainder of the night. The chef sent out a complimentary starter and it was the best scallop I had in awhile. We moved from the scallop to oysters to a salad, and as simple as it looks, it had a variation of refreshing flavors. I also don't eat a lot of salads because I'm a picky eater and didn't like my veggies growing up, but I ate every bite of that salad. My mother would be proud.

When it came to the main dishes, I had the fish and KSOLE had steak and lobster. Both entrees left us satisfied and were the perfect portions. Just full enough but still had room for dessert, and after seeing so many signs for banana bread, so we got the banana bread - in cake form. No regrets whatsoever! Make sure you get it, no matter how full you are because it's just that good. We ate the entire slice and it was a pretty generous portion, which is great for two people. I ended the meal with a pot of fresh hot green tea while KSOLE had an espresso shot. 

We were ready to call it a night due to food coma, but as we left our server recommended we stop by the Morrison Hotel Gallery. It's on the way out and holds an astonishing collection of original photography work featuring The Beatles, Prince, Bob Marley, and many more legends. It was worth the visit and to see actual film prints of these talented artists, in once in a lifetime type of moments, gave me such a warm feeling. 

We ended the night full and happy, which is the best way to end any night. Thank you to Fleetwood's on Front St. for hosting us and for a memorable night on the island.