Find Otherness: On The Road to Palm Springs

"Hey, what do you want to drink?"
She turned and looked as the bartender asked again, "What's your drink?"
"Vodka." She replied.
"What kind?" He asked.
"Three Olives, do you have that?" She asked.
He nodded and pointed to the bottles against the wall, "Watermelon or cucumber?"

In celebration of Three Olives Vodka's two new flavors, I was invited on a day trip to Palm Springs along with a handful of selected people ranging from publications to news media outlets. The trip started off at The Line in Koreatown with an introductory tasting of the new flavors. 

Shortly after 11AM, we loaded onto a party bus - yes, a legit party bus with DJ and violionist Kat V and lots of space to stay comfy throughout the drive. Also, no it is never too early to have a drink :)

I must admit I had no idea what to truly expect from this experience and while I walked onto that bus knowing just a couple of people, I left that bus with new friends and memories that'll I forever associate with Three Olives. After all, it's always a good time when there's vodka involved right? 

Three Olives certainly is a brand that knows how to have a great time, providing us with an experience that tied in all my favorite things: food, music, and shopping. What else does a girl need right?


  • Lunch at Tio's Tacos: You'll quickly want to take out your phone as soon as you step onto this property. This place has the most interesting decor and majority of the pieces are made from recycled glass bottles.

Aside from the art pieces, get ready to enjoy some of the freshest and most delicious tacos in Riverside. Paired with Three Olives (of course), this place is a definite must when you're in the area and don't forget the fresh guac dip and chips! 

  • Meeting Halsey: Ever heard of The Chainsmokers? Halsey is the guest vocalist on their hit song, "Closer", and I know you've heard that. The minute Halsey got on the bus, I could not stop staring at her outfit. It was the perfection combination of sexy and cozy, my type of style! Halsey is a complete sweetheart and such a talented soul. I was so glad to have had the chance to meet her. 
"Finding Otherness is really about celebrating the little differences and nuances in yourself and the people around you that make you unique and make this world so diverse.
Most of the amazing things that we have in this life, like art, like music, like fashion, they come from the mistakes and from the accidents and from the differences. If everybody wasn’t as different and as amazing as they are, we wouldn’t be able to Find Creativity, and Find Inspiration and Find Passion in any of these things.
Find Otherness to me, is about identifying those differences and celebrating the glory of them."
  • Shopping at The Saguaro: This boutique hotel is known for its colorfulness and epic pool parties during the summer.

We ended our road trip at The Saguaro and was surprised with a little shopping time on The Saguaro's newly built deck that overlooks their outdoor area. I snacked a one of a kind denim jacket, which you can see on my Instagram here. 

We also had the pleasure of meeting artist Ron Bass, who designed the biker jacket canvas that is featured in Three Olive's commercials. 

While I expected to leave with a few bottles of vodka and some new clothes at the end of the day, I ended up walking off that bus with a reminder of two valuable life lessons.

1. Life's too short to not enjoy it. Be silly, have fun, and let loose at every opportunity you get. 

2. There is no such thing as a limit when it comes to dreams. Everyone I met on that bus had a dream they were pursuing and had worked their asses off to get to where they were. Everyone on that bus was also in a different age bracket and it just proved that age is just a number and should never be a factor to when you start living your life and doing what you love.


Thanks to Three Olives for the reminders and for one of the greatest roads trips I've had!