The 2018 Lincoln Navigator, It's Worth Skipping a Flight For

Good evening Ms. Linh, please step right in and make yourself comfortable. It's just a 30-minute drive to the Dream Hotel in Hollywood.

Call me a brat, but I hate driving. Being born and raised in LA means I've sat in endless hours of traffic - too many times. I also hate wasting time and you surely can't do anything productive while you're behind the wheel.

Therefore, I have to start this post out by thanking the good folks at Lincoln for setting me up with a car service for last week's unveiling event of the all-new 2018 Lincoln Navigator at the (yet to be open) Dream Hotel in Hollywood. 

Then again, Lincoln does have a reputation for quality and excellence so I'm not surprised.

By now you've heard, seen, and read all about Lincoln's brand new 2018 Navigator. I won't bore you with all the specs and details, sorry boys, I don't really give a damn about that. Instead, let's talk about taking this luxury SUV for a drive.

Now as you recall, I hate driving right? Well, there are exceptions and the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label has given me three damn good reasons why I would drive my ass across country and back.

1. Give Me My Space

The number one thing I hate about being stuck in the car for more than an hour is how claustrophobic I get. Five people in a compact car is never an ideal way to travel (IMO). Squished up in the back seat with little leg room, not to mention the luggage that's probably required for the trip. 

You're not going to have screaming kids talking about "so-so is on my side" or "he/she fell asleep on me" in this car. No leg cramps or even complaints about being uncomfortable. The 2018 Lincoln Navigator has ample room for all seven of your passengers. 

It's certainly more spacious than a regular seat on any flight I've been on. 

2. Comfort Above All

Piggyback on the last sentence about airplane seats, this certainly is more comfortable than that - including business first class seats (that's as far as I've ever gotten). 

I can fall asleep with ease in these cushioned seats and the interior design is sleek, modern, and certainly turned my head. Yes, Lincoln proves that comfort and style can work together! Too bad that hasn't exactly translated well into footwear. Those red bottom heels are worth the pain right? 

3. Safety First, Because I Don't Want To Die Yet

With long road trips, safety is always a question that comes to mind. Your driver might get sleepy and/or you guys all get so into carokee that you don't pay attention to the road as you should be. 

Luckily for you (and your passengers), the all-new Lincoln Navigator has adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go capability, along with forward-collision warning, pedestrian detection, and automatic emergency breaking systems.

Basically, it will alert you when you're about to hit something and when you switch lanes and miss that blind spot.

PSA: I wouldn't recommend you purposely test these features though.

Of course, we're all wondering about the cost of this dream car right? 

Yeah, I asked and they said it won't be released until June. However, it's rumored to start off a bit higher than $63K, so you might want to start saving up (or find that rich future husband of yours by then). 

Thank you Lincoln for having me and for the amazing car service. If only I had a personal driver for life, oh the dream.

Photos by KSOLE.