Paul Martin's American Grill


Located in Pasadena, Paul Martin's American Grill is a stylish and eco-minded local chain that serves house-made dishes that'll you'll rave about to your friends the next day. 

I was pretty surprised that I had never been prior to this visit, especially since it was only 20 minutes from me. Parking is located to the left of the restaurant in a public lot and yes, it's free.

KSOLE and I were greeted upon entrance and promptly escorted to our table. We loved the intimate vibes of the restaurant and impressed with the live music performance. While we browsed through the menu, our server went over her favorites which swayed KSOLE into selecting the ribs while I chose the steak. Neither one of us regretted our decisions. 

Both entrees were cooked to perfection with a ton of flavor. The portion was well thought out, leaving us with just enough room for dessert. We opted for the banana cream pie, a favorite of the staff, and enjoyed it with a cup of coffee to end the night.

We loved our experience at Paul Martin's so much that we're planning to take KSOLE's father for his birthday next month. We can't recommend it enough as I think it's a great place for date night, catching up with friends, or even a bro's night out - yes, bro's because they have great drinks and meat! Things that most men love right? Hah. 


Thank you Paul Martin's American Grill for hosting us!