The Planner Showdown Part 2

With a new year means a new planner! Question is, which one should you choose? About two years ago, I did a planner showdown between the Passion Planner, Poketo, Moleskine, and a few others. You can check out that post here.

For this planner showdown, I have decided to review 3 new planners and a different version of Erin Condren's that I tried out last year. If you can't tell already, I'm a huge hoarder when it comes to planners. While I have yet to have one planner that lasts all year, there was one out of these 4 that was kept for more than 6 months. Can you guess which one?

Design Love Planner

So there's been some upgrades since I last got this planner, mainly with the good riddance of the cover. The 2017 version looks a lot better and seems to be easier to work with. I also will have to admit that the version I have is the 2015 one, as I just found this when rummaging my closet. I never wrote a review on it so I'm throwing it into this one.


  • Minimal design for layout
  • Front cover pouch and back cover pouch
  • Notes section
  • Weekly overview and to-do section per day (new 2017 has monthly view)
  • Cute quotes every month


  • No hourly breakdown/schedule for appts
  • No extra space in weekly and to-do area for notes
  • Pricey ($70) for how simple it really is

At-A-Glance Weekly Appointment Book

For some reason, I can't find the exact style I have of this but this At-A-Glance one is pretty similar. This was the one planner I used for the longest (about 6+ months) before I changed over to Erin Condren. I carried it every where with me since it was small enough to fit into my bag. I took it on trips and even decorated a few pages to give it life. This is the one planner I may buy again later on.


  • Small, travel friendly, and easy to use
  • Hourly slots for appointments
  • Monthly and weekly view
  • Affordable (usually under $20)


  • Pages are thin so certain pens will bleed through
  • Flimsy cover
  • No notes section or room to write notes

Day Designer Daily/Weekly Planner

For the longest time, I kept thinking I needed a daily planner. One that allowed me to start my day at 6AM and end at 8PM. This one also had a to-do list for each day, along with a "Today's Top Three" column and "Gratitude" area per page. There are also inspirational quotes each day. Unfortunately, this planner didn't make it pass a month and a half for me.


  • To-do list, hourly schedule, and weekly view
  • Quote per day
  • Monthly calendar
  • Notes section
  • Under $30


  • Too heavy to realistically carry around all the time
  • Plastic front covers are something I hate
  • Inside page colors are pink (I hate pink)
  • Needed more space for daily note taking


Erin Condren Life Planner Hourly Layout

Everyone is familiar with Erin Condren. It's probably one of the most popular on this list amongst readers, however even with the customized options I got, I still couldn't keep up with it. This was my 2nd attempt with Erin Condren, after all I love all the accessories and she has a great reputation but I'm very picky with my planners. 


  • Customizable front cover, binding color, and layout options
  • Stickers 
  • Monthly, weekly, and hourly layout


  • Bulky and large (for my taste)
  • Too heavy to carry around
  • Expensive
  • Not enough space in notes/to-do area (for me)

NOTE: All the above planners are great in their own ways, but everyone is different so they just didn't end up working out for me.

If you're wondering what I'm using now, it is the my bullet journal. I've joined the bullet journal community in the last month and am loving it. If you're interested in seeing my bullet journal, comment below!