D2T Episdeo 1: 10 Easy Drinks to Make for Any Occasion

What happens when you put together a lifestyle, food, and fashion blogger together? You get this, a new video series titled "Drink to That" featuring myself and co-host, Sheridan Street and guest star Francis Kenneth.

I love collaborating with likeminded individuals and since I'm not the best in regards to cooking or doing anything crafty/creative in the kitchen, I decided to enlist my favorite chef, Sheri. Sheridan and I have known each other for over 4 years now as we both had a blog together, along with a few other girls, back in the day. Since then, we've all went our seperate ways and have been chasing our individual passions. I'm so grateful that this industry allows us to get together for projects like this and we hope that you enjoy this episode.

Do keep in mind that this is our very first episode, unrehearsed and really wasn't planned out as well as we like. We winged it, filmed it at my best friend's apartment in DTLA, and had it all wrapped up within 2-3 hours. We're open to suggestions for the next one, which will be themed for the holiday season and we'll be featuring another guest star so stay tuned!

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