LA Food and Wine Festival 2016

LA Food and Wine Festival 2016 by Lisa Linh Lisa Linh

This year's LA Food and Wine Festival included several dishes of ceviche, creative desserts that incorporated booze and of course, talented chefs that we all know and love including Jet Tila and Robert Irvine

The 4-day event kicked off on Thursday in Downtown LA with Emeril Lagasse. Friday evening was hosted by Jet Tila and Brian Malarkey, while Saturday's special music performance was De La Soul. It was my 3rd time attending LAFW and with each annual visit, there is always something new that I try and end up loving. This year's favorite were mini cupcakes that had alcohol in them. How can you not like that concept right? Can I please have a cake with this same theme? 

Despite attending in previous years, I have yet to find the trick to consuming all the delicious food there. I believe we got 3/4th of the way before tapping out on Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

I had a great time at the festival and ran into several familiar faces. Food is always the best conversation starter and the greatest way to bring people together. Thank you LA Food and Wine for having me!