Leaving a Fashionable Impression

I may be back from NY Fashion Week, but the memories live on especially with Papyrus's new partnership with top fashion designer, Zang Toi. As a writer, I love a high quality card that is well designed, creative, and unique. I can't get over how gorgeous Zang Toi's cards are and I low key don't even want to give them away - hah!

Since I was 10 years old, I've always had a love for written letters and cards. It was my favorite gift to receive, regardless of the holiday or occasion. I have two boxes full of handwritten letters, cards, and homemade gifts from friends and family from over the years. It is the first thing I would grab if there ever was a fire because these are the one thing that cannot be replaced. 

Papyrus has been a brand that is fashion forward, with presence at NYFW as they went on their 9th season this year. I grew up being very familiar with Papyrus, as I am sure you are too. This partnership is one of the very first designer partnerships in the greeting card industry and I couldn't be more excited to be sharing this with close friends/family. Expect a card soon guys!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Papyrus, however all content and opinions are of my own.