3 Things Not To Do On Instagram Stories

To ditch or not to ditch Snapchat, that is the question. 

It's the new burning question for influencers, should I keep Snapchat or switch to Instagram stories? Others, such as myself, have been contemplating on whether we actually do have the time to use both platforms simultaneously. After all, there are only so many hours in a day to post and choosing the right platform to spend your energy on is a big deal. 

Both, Instagram stories and Snapchat, have their pros and cons. What it comes down to is personal preference or which platform has the higher views. I'm not going to outline or sway you on either of these platforms, however, I do want to remind you of 3 things not to do. 

After using Instagram stories for over a week, I noticed quite a few things that people (especially influencers) should be aware of. 

1. Don't talk shit/don't get caught talking shit. The volume is always on.  Either I'm blind or there is no way to turn off the sound when you're recording on Instagram stories. Really Instagram? However, when you're snapping away, it can often slip your mind so what you just said about Jane is going to be heard. Be very careful when you're recording or just don't gossip ;)

2. Personal information. This may seem like a no brainer but be weary whenever you're opening packages, showing off your car, your home (in general), etc. You may think you can't really see it, but you never know! Always make sure to cover up all personal information when it comes to social media. Better safe than sorry.

3. Too much information. The biggest difference between IG stories and Snapchat (for me) is the following. I have a higher/stronger following on Instagram than I do Snapchat, which also includes a lot of business relationships (PR companies, brands, etc). Therefore, you have to be weary of how much you post and the content itself. On Snapchat, I feel comfortable posting party nights or weird/silly things. However, on Instagram, I try to reveal less because I don't want to leave a bad impression on anyone within the industry. After all, Instagram is one of my portfolios of work so I must maintain a certain expectation. 

All the tips above can apply to any and all social media platforms. The general rule I go by, despite the 24-hour lifespan, is to know your audience and post accordingly.