Coachella Weekend 2

Getting ready to hit the road again for round 2. I'm excited to be attending the festival this weekend, for the first time ever! 

I've attended Hard Summer, Hard Day of the Dead, and Rock The Bells in the last 3 years, so I'm mildly prepared for this experience. By the way, make sure to follow on Snapchat and Instagram to see snippets of Coachella. 

If it's your first time at a festival, here's my "starter kit" for Coachella:

  • Crop top: I love a good knitted crop top as it's super comfy and breathable
  • High-waisted shorts: Not only does it hide that food baby later, but it certainly looks good on everyone
  • Waist chain: Festival accessory must-have! I absolutely love the mixed metals of this Lena Bernard chain
  • Festive bracelet: This one from Victoria Emerson is easy to wear, snaps on and wrap bracelets are the easiest way to amp up any outfit
  • Gladiator sandals: For the adventurous and those who prefer, these BedStu gladiator sandals are easy to slip on, off, and you don't have to tamper with the lacing details

Not pictured: bandana (for the dust), sunglasses (for the sun), and lots of sun block (for your skin)!

Can't wait to hit the desert and see all my favorite artists perform. See you guys Monday!

Photography by Nathan Martell