When Secret's Got Your Back

We all know that I’m always on the go and keeping up with me can be a little hard. From meetings to events to catching up with friends before hitting the gym, Secret Outlast Xtend is my reliable deodorant of choice.

I have to admit that there have been late mornings where I’m rushed out the door and forget to put on my deodorant, and it always happens on the warmer days in LA. Embarrassing sweat stains are certainly not a good look at meetings! Secret Outlast Xtend has 48-hour odor protection and saves me without leaving white marks (thank you, Clear Gel!) or residue on my black tops. That’s particularly important when 90% of your closet is black. I love the variety of scents offered and am especially a big fan of the Invisible Solid. My favorite scent is the “Clean Lavender” and KSOLE loves the scent too (hah!).

Between the Invisible Solid and Clear Gel, Secret Outlast Xtend is my BFF for surviving my seemingly nonstop days!


To score a free sample of Secret Outlast Xtend, head over to SecretStore.com and use the code PL76XS!

Thanks to the BFF for helping me out with this feature ;) Follow her on IG!