Target's #NOFOMO Pledge

Summer is around the corner and that means you’re currently stressing over how to attain that perfect beach bod of your dreams. We all have insecurities when it comes to our bodies but, you know what, who cares? I've teamed up with Target to show you a few of my favorite bikini styles and to tell you why you should take their #NOFOMO pledge. 

It may be hard to get out of your own comfort zone but you should never hold back because of what other's think. Why should we worry about other people’s judgments and, worst of all, why hold yourself back from that bonfire just because you think you don’t look good? I have plenty of insecurities from having a rather flat chest, and I always have issues finding suits that don’t come as a set. I’m a XS/S on top and S/M on the bottom, yet retailers tend to sell their suits in sets so I cannot mix and match. Talk about frustrating! Have you guys dealt with this issue too?

Luckily, I stopped in at Target and spent a little too much time in their swimwear section. I’m sure everyone else ends up spending a lot more time than they planned whenever they’re in Target right? While I would love to find a one-piece suit that will fit, I ended up walking out with 3 swimsuits for which I was able to mix and match sizes. By the way, I’m really lazy when it comes to trying on clothes, so I tried them out at home since Target has free returns. Yes, total plus! (If you order online, shipping’s free too!)

Surprisingly, all 3 suits I selected fit perfectly and I love the wide variety Target offers. With these bikinis, I’m definitely in the spirit of #NOFOMO for the summer. I’ll be at every pool party and beach shindig so make sure you guys say hi! Target is encouraging you, too, to take the #NOFOMO pledge by finding your swimsuit and strutting your stuff. Don’t miss out on the summer fun when there’s plenty to get in on.  

Find your style, @TargetStyle.