Circle: Paying Friends is More Fun Now

When it comes to splitting the check, the whole process can be stressful from making sure you have enough to verifying who paid for what. Not to mention splitting payments more than 2 ways can be daunting (and restaurants hate you for it!) 

While there may be other ways to resolve this issue, I prefer a simple and fast solution. I recently discovered Circle and have been recommending it to all my friends. Not only is it user friendly, safe, and secure, it is also extremely fast and reliable! I never have to worry about owing a friend again - after all, who likes owing people money right?

Check out how it works in the video below: 


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Setting up an account takes just a few seconds, with a verification process in place, Circle takes all measures to ensure that your information is safe. I had a first hand experience with that as my bank froze my account upon an attempt to transfer money into Circle. I quickly had it resolved and the team at Circle was extremely helpful during the situation. I was asked to submit identification verification prior to my account hold being lifted. Talk about tough security, which is 100% OK with me! Better safe than sorry right? 

I figured my way around the app in less than 5 minutes. Money is sent and received right away with notification to the opposing party. I love their GIFs features, which includes my two favorite things - cats and FRIENDS! 

All transactions/activities are logged into your account so you can properly track where your money goes. It's so convenient and I've been hooked on using it ever since I got it. Especially since I never carry cash and these delicious cash only restaurants get me every time. Thanks to Circle, I'll never have to worry about IOU's anymore!


For more information, check out or download the app today:

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P.S. Thanks to Kyle for helping us film! Cameos by Tommy (@MyBelonging) and Stephanie (@HoneyNSilk)


*While this post is sponsored by Circle, all content and opinions are of my own.