A Day In My Life at New York Fashion Week

Bringing you another "A Day in My Life" series, which gives you an idea of how busy my schedule can be. The last one featured my BTS with photographer, Emily. This post features one day of the five in New York, which is similar to what my life in LA is like. 

Every morning, I get coffee and in LA, I typically will have Postmate deliver it to me. While I was in NY, I got to try Bustler Coffee, a self-serving coffee place. No barista needed, you are the barista and you make your coffee the way you want! We need one of these in LA please. I'll have a full review on Bustler shortly so stay tuned. 

After coffee, I get down to business with answering emails, posting on social media, and getting my day ready. Scheduling is key and last minute appointments always come up so I have to be prepared to squeeze it all in. 

We had plenty of showroom and fittings to get done when in NY, including stops at Succarra, Latitude, AMPR, Lydell, Boo Hoo, Lafayette 148, and a few more. We also had a chance to visit the Nylon Magazine HQ and got the first look at the March issue! Trust me, back-to-back scheduling is not easy and it means that we don't get to eat until late at night (literally midnight). 

We did an outfit change after visiting the Boo Hoo office and I draped myself in all Boo Hoo with the look below. Plus, it was cold and I needed to layer up properly. Also, these Sam Edelman Joey boots are the only reason why I survived all that walking for 5 days! The most comfortable boots ever and I literally wore them every single day in NY. The bag is also by Sam Edelman. 

While most days included a late meal via Postmates, we were able to squeeze in a pit stop to Ippudo. We failed in remembering to order their pork buns but the ramen definitely hit the spot!

From there, we rushed over to our very last event of the night at Lafayette 148. I selected a full outfit from them and will be showing you what I ended up with on Wednesday so stay tuned!

Attempting to sleep early was out of the question for us in NY and I usually don't sleep until 1AM in LA either. However, the hustle is all worth it and I know that all this hard work will pay off.

Thank you for the continued support guys! You all keep me motivated and I'm so grateful for the feedback I've received recently. Love you guys!