Celebration of Love with Godiva

As a blogger, we're obligated to have at least 1 dedicated post for major Hallmark holidays such as V-Day so here it is ;) 

This year, I won't be able to celebrate Valentine's Day with KSOLE, as I'm in NY until the 15th but it's alright since V-day is just like any other day for us. KSOLE already takes me out to dinners and will buy me flowers from time to time (or I'll just buy them for myself because I love having fresh flowers at home). I'm not big on sweets so the only time I'll request chocolates is when it's that time of the month, lol. I'll take 5 boxes of Thin Mints though! 

Showing someone you love and care for them shouldn't be delegated by a special occasion. The little things we do for each other is more than enough, such as buying a cup of coffee in the morning or washing the dishes after the other person cooks. Appreciating the time spent with one another, off our phones and watching a marathon of Friends is my ideal date night. When we feel fancy, we'll go to the theaters to watch the latest flick and order a large tub of popcorn to share. 

Understanding what the other person perceives as love is also significant because we all give love differently. Some prefer verbal cues while others want physical touch. For example, I'm not huge on PDA and KSOLE isn't big on words. However, he'll occasionally write lengthy notes because he knows that I appreciate reading them. In turn, I've gotten better at showing my affection (i.e. holding hands) and not being as shy to kiss in large crowds (or on camera). As cliche as it sounds, communication is key to a strong relationship and that's my love lesson for today! 

[Details] Boo Hoo dress, Revolve Clothing faux fur coat, Lulu*s heels, Godiva Liqueur, and nails by Black File Nails.

Hair cut: Lee Rittiner / Hair color: ErickoHair