The Truth from The Blogger Boyfriend

Photos by Justin | Makeup by Blushington + Gilt City

"OMG you are so lucky to have your boyfriend shoot you!" 

Truth: My boyfriend shoots me on major campaigns and last minute deadlines. I do work with other photographers that I do pay. Shout out to Jen and Justin!

Oh to have a #BloggerBoyfriend or if you're married, Instagram husband. That's the dream right? The misconception that having a blogger boyfriend is the key to succeeding is bullshit. I have had people say to me, "I need a boyfriend who can shoot me" or "I wish mine could." Why? What difference does it truly make? Sure, it's convenient, but hiring someone is just as easy and there's a less likely chance you two will argue, bicker, or bump heads on creativity. 

Sure, some couples work great together and understand one another so well that it works. Then there are stories of those who just clash, someone wanting to be just as "instafamous" as their partner, and/or can't stand the industry and wants no part of it. You can't force someone to do something they really don't give a fuck about and it makes zero sense to me when girls tell me they're looking for a blogger boyfriend. I truly feel sorry for the next guy you end up dating. 

Working together should be an agreement made by both partners and laying out the guidelines to how to work together is important. You can't read minds so don't assume the other person will know what you want. This applies to every person in your life, not just your relationship. Communication is key and instead of trying to guess what it means to be a blogger boyfriend, I've enlisted my own boyfriend to give me further insight. 

Note: This is based on our own opinions and we have no intent of generalizing blogger boyfriends/Instagram husbands. This is solely a perspective from our own relationship.

What is one stereotype you absolutely despise about being a blogger boyfriend?

KSOLE: People are quick to discredit me as a professional photographer, when in actuality, I have been shooting (professionally) for over 6 years (before I even met you). I don't just shoot you, which everyone assumes. 

What is one thing you like about being my blogger boyfriend?

KSOLE: The food, at events, LOL. Being able to travel with you and spend time with you overall. 

What is one thing you don't like about being my blogger boyfriend?

KSOLE: Scheduling conflicts. There's always something to do and some where to go, so I don't always get time for my own projects. But it is partially my own fault as I suck at planning, haha.

What have you learned about the industry and/or blogging?

KSOLE: People are so cliquey. 

What is one thing you hate about the industry and/or blogging?

KSOLE: I hate when people assume and bash on you/bloggers, thinking that your career is so easy. They think that all you do is get free stuff and take a photo of it, but there's so much work that goes behind the scenes that they don't see. You work so hard and 24/7!