Gift Yourself with Must-Have Silk

When I was younger, I would sneak into my aunt's closet and browse her collection of dresses. I always gravitated towards the silk pieces, telling myself as I touched them, that one day I'll own a few of my own. Fast forward 20 years later and here I am, keeping that promise to myself and falling in love with Grana's classic silk styles.

Silk, one of the most comfortable fabrics to ever grace your skin. I can live in silk and with Grana, choosing just one piece is hard so I ended up with two outfits and no regrets. 

This year, I made it a point to focus more on myself, on what I truly want and my brand. Throughout this process, I found myself gravitating towards comfortably chic and timeless pieces and have been stocking up my closet with what feels good. 

With a soft touch yet sturdy promise, Grana's silk is from Huzhou and this Chinese silk has a luxurious sheen with a matte finish. I fell in love instantly as I slipped into the perfect little black slip dress and even more with the silk culottes and tank top. Despite my raving, these pieces are a must-feel and I assure you that it'll be one of the best things to touch your skin ;)