3 Things To Do Before You Work Out: In Collaboration with Dove

Let's make this clear, I can dance all night at the club but when it comes to choreography, I am the worst at following directions.

Last week, I spent an hour attempting to stay in tune with JJ Dancer. Coordination is not my forte and while I clumsily stumbled around, I must admit that I got one hell of a workout out of it. I was left sore for the next few days, which is my own fault as I've been a little too busy in the last month to keep up a steady exercise routine. However, despite all the hard work, I was still able to walk out of class and to my next event because Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant had me covered. 

As an avid Dove user, I already knew that I wouldn't be sweating like crazy (at least in my underarms area) and that the fragrance would last throughout the hour and beyond, due to the 48 hour protection the product offers. I also love how Dove Dry Spray goes on instantly dry and cares for my skin. I did a quick spritz afterward the class just to refresh the scent. You can never be too safe. 

Before taking your next workout class, here are 3 things you should do to prepare yourself:

1. Eat: One thing I totally forgot to do that day was to eat breakfast. It was the worst decision to make and I regretted forgetting to do so, as I barely survived class. You basically don't have any energy to work out or anything to burn if you don't eat prior to class so make sure to do this! Learn from my mistakes! Also, bring water (but that's pretty obvious right?)

2. Bring Wipes/Towel: If a shower is not available or you don't have time to shower after a work out, bring baby wipes and/or towel. I'm prone to breaking out so I always wipe myself down after a work out, especially my face and chest area, where I break out the most. The last thing you want is to allow all that sweat to build up *eek.

3. Put Your Hair Up, Take Your Make-up Off: I forgot to tie my hair up during class and it definitely got in the way of my work out. This tip is probably obvious to those who have been working out for awhile, but for those starting out, please note that wearing make-up is never a good idea. I did it when I first started, as I was pretty self conscious about how I looked but you quickly realize that no one cares and that everyone there is busy working out. So sweat it out, work that body girl, and just focus on you! 

So get up and get that body toned. Just remember the above and you'll be ok. I had a grea time with JJ and while I might have not survived the workout, I did survive the rest of the day, thanks to Dove

Disclaimer: While this post is sponsored by Dove, all opinions stated are mine.