4 Tips for Wearing Oversized Clothes

It's layering season! Well, every where else but LA, but we can fake it 'til we make it right? 

I love oversize dressing because it allows me to eat all I want without showing my food baby afterwards. It's extremely comfortable and easy, however you want to make sure you're not going to look like you gained extra weight or that you're drowning in your clothes. I teamed up with Zelle Studio to give you 4 tips for wearing oversized clothes.

1. Only go up to 2 sizes (max): I prefer a medium when it comes to t-shirts, as I like the loose fit when paired with jeans. However, when it comes to dresses, such as tunic dresses, I only go up 1 size at most. You want the flow of the dress to look natural and still fit you. 

I instantly fell in love with this Martina tunic dress from Zelle Studio because it has pockets. I love dresses with pockets! Pockets allow you to control the movement of the dress especially for photos. By simply placing your hands inside the pocket, you give the illusion that you're pulling it out rather than it being "too big". I also love how effortlessly chic this dress is and you can wear any shoes with it.

2. Layer it up: If the dress is still a little big on you on its own, then layer it up with a coat. You can easily throw on a leather jacket to cinch the top in to show off your figure or you can throw on an oversized coat like I did for this look. 

Again, the pockets got me for this Niamh coat from Zelle Studio. I also love the collar of the coat and the one button detail. I threw the coat over this dress and with the difference in length, it makes the dress slimmer. The coat itself is just one size bigger and since the sleeves were too long for me, I gave it a slouchy, pushed-up look versus rolled. Making it look a little more effortlessly and who has time to roll up sleeves anyways right?

3. Think about proportions: Show some leg, add some height. You want yourself to look well proportioned so think about the overall picture. Since the dress came up to my knees, I paired it with kitten heeled booties as I wanted the overall message of this look to be comfy. I also don't want to walk around downtown in 5" heels all day so I took the easy way out with this one. Even without the coat, the booties look great with the dress too. 

With winter around the corner, and hopefully cooler temperatures, oversized dressing will be my go-to because the cold makes me lazy ;) Happy styling everyone!