8,000 Feet Up with UGG

UGG Abree Mini (Bruno)

UGG Abree Mini (Bruno)

There's about four towers on the way up, in which the aerial tram shakes just a little but enough to give you a little scare. The air changes, the temperature drops, and all I was told was to "not look down". My fear of heights set in, but at least I was warm and cozy. Thankfully the ride is just 10 minutes and I was the first to hop off and never felt so much relief being on land again.

Exactly 8,516 feet up above Palm Springs is the Mt. San Jacinto State Park with over 50 miles of hiking trails, two restaurants, observation decks, natural history museum, gift shop, and two documentary theaters. The one thing I love about SoCal is that even though we lack (real) seasons, we do get the advantages of having the option either a mountain view or the beach. Just a drive away and you're at either location, or in this case, a tram ride away.

With an early morning ride, I was bundled up and thankful for the warmth as the temperatures dropped to 47 degrees (once we got to the top). I was wrapped up in my Cheyenne cashmere wrap with my Madelyn cashmere tank top underneath. Surprisingly, I was very warm with just these two pieces and of course, my Abree Mini's kept my feet happy. 

I must admit that I felt adventurous as I jumped on and off rocks, logs, and skipped through a couple trails. I also felt pretty comfortable and the boots had great grip on them, enough for me to trust myself to do a jumping shot off a log! 

Visiting Mt. San Jacinto State Park made me realize how we often take for granted the little things in life. Thanks to T-Mobile, I had no signal up there (lol), however I really did enjoy spending a few hours away from the bustle of the city and the people. Watching squirrels run around, attempting to climb up tall tree stumps while trying not to get bug bites or fall down. It was a brief moment of being able to be carefree, like when we were kids. I never once had to re-tie my wrap or adjust my UGG's, which made exploring the park much more enjoyable. Love a good brand that I can rely on and can't wait for my next adventure - hopefully in the snow!