Capsule Show L.A. Highlights

From New York to Las Vegas, Capsule Show Women's is finally in L.A. Took them long enough right?

Capsule was held at the California Market Center this week, on Monday and Tuesday (Oct 17th to 18th) with a kick-off event Sunday, October 16th. With over 100 brands showcasing and 9 sponsors involved, Capsule made sure to let L.A know that they're here to stay. 

Upon walking down the aisles of Capsule, I noticed the layout was easy to navigate and not overwhelming at all. I was greeted by many brands with warmth and everyone showed excitement in having Capsule here.

Of course, before I began the show, I had to stop by and get my coffee fix at IMMORDL. The world's first nitro-infused super coffee elixir and the best part is that it tastes as good as it looks! They have a few locations including West Lake Village, Santa Barbara, and Agoura Hills so if you're ever out there, stop by. It's worth the drive.

 Sponsor:  IMMORDL

Sponsor: IMMORDL

I had a list of brands I wanted to see in my hand, but I decided to just go about Capsule the old fashion way - walking up and down each aisle. I met April and Pavel within the first few minutes and was introduced to their home goods brand, Pursuits of Happiness. (Note: The first thing that popped up into my head was Kid Cudi's song, lol).

Created by hand and with lots of love, these everyday goods are chic, useful, and beautiful. I love the playful, vibrant and unexpected midcentury designs they have, as well as the fact that the couple both work together on these products. Love a good team!

In regards to clothing, I saw a lot of chic and minimalistic brands at the show. All of which were totally my type of look. While I liked a lot of styles, there were 3 brands that stood out to me the most - Ozma, Art Dept, and Valley High Clothing.

Ozma's color palette is right up my alley - neutrals, blacks and whites. I loved the silhouettes and the fact that everything was soft, comfy, and chic. Can I just have one of everything please? Oh and they're based in LA.

From chic to street, let's talk about Valley High Clothing. This cool-girl LA brand has everything from dresses to crop tops, so basically you can go from classy to hip all within one brand I love variety Valley High has and of course, the owners of the brand (Chanelle and Christian) are amazing too! 

I think if the two above had a baby, it would be Art Dept. I'm obsessed with their colors and silhouettes. It's effortlessly chic and feels as luxurious as it looks. Not to mention that they're extremely versatile so you can go from the office to girls night with just a change of shoes. 

Speaking of shoes, my two favorite brands were also at Capsule - Grey City and SUSI. Both make the most comfortable and chicest pairs of shoes, at great price points.

I honestly cannot pick one over the other because both of them my go-to's. I will say though, that SUSI stands out for their vegan leather and gorgeous packaging. However, Grey City has amazing white leather flats that I'm drooling over and need in my life. Both brands are must-haves and I definitely need more shoes in my life.

Naturally when you talk about shoes, you have to talk about bags too. If you aren't familiar with BAGGU, well where have you been? I've been in love with this brand since my first bucket bag from them and their collection has grown immensely. I love their perfect sized travel totes and leather backpacks. 

Aside from the clothes, there were plenty of intimate brands and swimwear as well but Seamles Thread won for the best invention ever. Camel No, is exactly what it sounds like. No more camel toe and yes, they are seamless and comfortable. I wore a pair all day and I have to admit, I thought it would feel weird but it was one of the most comfiest pairs of panties I have. I need about 30 more pairs please!

Another great invention is from Jala, where your gym clothes can turn into swimwear. I dare you to take a dip after that sweat session! I haven't had the chance to try it myself but I'm sure it's pretty amazing. 

Thank you Capsule for having me! Can't wait for the next show.