Pop for The People by Roy Lichtenstein

"Pop for the People: Roy Lichtenstein in L.A. explores how the artist, a vanguard of the Pop Art movement buoyed by a renaissance in printmaking, made fine art accessible to the American public in ways that had not been achieved before. The exhibition features prints from Lichtenstein’s Bull Profile and Surrealist series, as well as the iconic Sunrise and Shipboard Girl. Additional works on display range from political subject matter to paper plates, clothing, and shopping bags."

When it comes to pop art, or what I like to call fun art, due to the creativity of combinations of lines, dots, and color, Roy Lichtenstein is one that is not only well-known but well respected. His work drew from everyday inspirations, from advertisements to comic books. His masterpieces spark conversation and provokes thoughts, evokes creativity, and definitely is wonderful to look at.

I had the pleasure of visiting his LA exhibit, Pop for the People, at the Skirball Cultural Center on its opening night. Alongside fellow influencers, Courtney and Tommy, we had a great time looking over each art piece presented. I definitely enjoyed the fact that we were able to touch the Vincent van Gogh’s Bedroom at Arles piece, even sit on it! Nothing better than getting to play with art right?

The exhibit will be live and available to visit from now until March 12, 2017. It is included with general museum admission and is great for all ages, so bring the kids!