Izakaya Akatora

Izakaya Akatora | 115 W Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801
Phone: (626) 943-7872

From yakitori to sashimi, Izakaya Akatora has definitely redefined my taste in sushi. Being just a few minutes from me in Alhambra, I was pleasantly surprised to find this gem amongst the strip of restaurant chains. It wasn't your typical atmosphere, no hustle and bustle or loud children screaming. It was a relaxing experience with good company, great food, and quality that you can truly taste.

KSOLE and I had the pleasure of having dinner at Izakaya Akatora and really thought we knew what we were going to expect. However, we were wrong as we let go of the reigns and allowed the restaurant to present to us mouthwatering dishes. 

The night started off with ice cold sake, from a can. Yes, from a can and once poured out,  you can see ice particles forming to create a slushy texture. You can see the process in the video above. How effin' cool right? It tasted as smooth as it looks and is recommended as a pairing for the robata. The yakitori certainly set the standards of what we were going to experience for the night and is always a great sharing starter. 

Moving from the appetizers, we had a mouth meting set of sashimi. My mouth is watering as I reminisce back on that dish. It was one of the best sashimi dishes I had and I wish I got a second round. You really have to try it yourself because I cannot put into words how good it was. It was just that good. By the way, they do have Omkase, for those who are big on sushi and want the chef's selections instead. 

We took a break with an oyster shooter, but it wasn't just any oyster shooter. This tasteful shot included quail egg and tasted better than I would expect. However, you won't find this on the menu but can surely ask for it so do it!

After the shooter was a hot bowl of steamed mussels, which was flavorful and the best part was that you can use the remaining juices to turn into a porridge/congee. Talk about the best 2-in-1 deal! Before calling it quits, we left room for their famous sweet potato mousse. Topped off with vanilla ice cream, this dish blew me away. I had never had sweet potato in this form and the accompanying green tea chocolates (made in house) was the best way to end the meal.

I honestly cannot wait to go back and have been keeping this place a secret (hah). However, it is really too good not to share and I'm down to wait in line for awhile just to get in. 

Thank you Izakaya Akatora for showing us an amazing time!