3 Ways to Unwind + IG Giveaway Winners

Photography by Tommy Lei.

Sorry for the abnormal posting time, but I'm currently playing catch up after a weekend of birthday fun. Again, thank you to everyone who greeted me and celebrated with me! If you missed the recap video, click here to watch!

Today is my Monday and I've been at my desk for the last 3 hours working away. Naturally I'm feeling a bit stressed as I'm going through my inbox and list of things to-do. Considering the situation, I had to find ways to relax a bit so I decided to also share with you guys how I unwind. 

1. Sweets and Treats

We all know that if eaten in moderation, sweets aren't that bad. While answering emails, I like to munch on my favorite snacks such as Pringles or Funyuns. I also love a good cup of coffee to wake me up or an ice cold boba milk tea. Today, I had birthday treats from my dearest friends and no, I did not eat everything pictured. Just the macaroons and half a cookie :) Eating my favorite snack or meal always makes me feel better so it's the perfect way to de-stress. 

2. Beautify Yourself

Everyone has their own opinions about bubble baths, but I personally love them. A warm bubble bath to me is always the best way to unwind after a long day. It's equivalent to a hot shower before bed. But for a quick break, why not throw on a face mask? That way you're detoxing and de-stressing at the same time! My go-to mask right now is from TruSelf Organics, they're organic and is made for all skin types (women and men). 

Another way to feel better is to throw on some make up. This might just be me, but I always feel good after putting on my "face" - hah. By the way, I just picked up Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita and yes, I love it. 

3. Turn Up The Music

I danced and sang all last night with Mayer Hawthorne in LA. 3 hours of sleep later, I have no regrets! It's no argument that music is the best way to de-stress. So put on your favorite song, dance and sing along, and you'll feel better in no time. 

P.S. Watch my Snapchat (bylisalinh) for the Mayer Hawthorne concert clips! 

Note: I was in the front row but when picture time came, this rude little girl next to me pushed me aside and blocked me! Talk about poor mannerism.

Note: I was in the front row but when picture time came, this rude little girl next to me pushed me aside and blocked me! Talk about poor mannerism.

Okay, so I'm sure half of you guys skipped all the above and are itching to see if you won my birthday giveaways right? Well here you go guys! 

All winners were selected by Random.org to ensure that it was really picked at random. I entered all the IG handles of all those who followed the directions correctly for each contest. The first name that came up from the generator was selected as the winner. I also check and make sure that the winners were following both my account and the featured brand's account. Some people did not follow the rules and were disqualified. Also, spamming doesn't increase your chances guys. I had to ban some of you because of this. 

Thank you to everyone who participated and CONGRATS to all those who won.

Please make sure you email me directly (info@bylisalinh.com) to claim your prize within 48 hours. *Failure to do so will result in a new winner.

And the most popular prize goes to ...