Always On Time, Not

It's a bad habit that we often overlook, especially since our circle of friends tend to follow suit. Unless it's a business meeting, I am usually running about 5-10 minutes behind. My excuse? I get caught up in work, thinking I have a few minutes to spare to squeeze in one more email. While I often look up the route I plan on taking ahead of time, traffic likes to go against me so that's another excuse. It is LA after all, so your drive is seemingly unpredictable 99% of the time. 

Regardless if I'm on time or slightly late, the one accessory you'll see me with is my watch. I recently discovered Cluse watches and love their color assortment! I have black and brown band watches already so I definitely had to grab a grey one to add to the collection. 

My biggest pet peeve or shall I say problem with watches is that the band never fits my tiny, child-like wrist. Yes, my wrist is that small! Luckily I had no problem adjusting my Cluse watch and it just so happens to match perfectly with my outfit. 

KSOLE and I were on the way to his basketball game when we snapped these photos. Gotta squeeze in an outfit shoot any chance I get. Don't worry, we weren't late and he did win his game :)

Since summer has officially ended, I am now stocking up on jackets and sweaters. Introducing my newest addition from my Billabong family! Love the double layer hoodie, the pop of orange, and the army green. Pockets are always a must and these are functional, hah. It'll be my go-to jacket for chill nights in LA, in which it still is warm enough to have a crop top under. 

Completed the look with high waisted skinny jeans paired with my favorite purchase from New York, these ankle boots. Been obsessed with them since I got them from And Other Stories during NYFW and have tried to incorporate them in every outfit I have. You'll be seeing them a lot! 

Make sure to follow me on Snapchat (bylisalinh) this weekend for my staycation in Weho! You won't want to miss the delicious food I have lined up and the hotel room tour. Also add me on Instagram!

[Details] Cluse watch, Billabong jacket, And Other Stories boots, GJG black pants, and ZeroUV sunnies.