Bad Blood

Ever get a song stuck in your head and you have no idea how it got there, but it won't go away? Yeah, that's how I came up with today's title. Thank you Taylor Swift. 

With the holidays approaching, I decided to start adding pops of red into my closet starting with this gorgeous Fete wide legged pants. I love the flow of these pants, then again I love anything soft and comfy. The pants are adjustable, in the sense that you can wrap it around and tie the top portion to your liking. 

Paired with this loose fitted top from Bishop + Young, I decided to add in the strappy bralette from Lulu*s since the shirt is pretty see-through. It also helps draw attention to this gorgeous Tacori necklace. 

I absolutely love this outfit, as I've been leaning more towards a chic, boho style lately. I'm also into easy breezy outfits that moves well, which the pants do. I wish I caught the movement on video but hopefully these photos will do some justice :) 

[Details] Fete pants, Bishop + Young shirt, ZeroUV sunglasses, Tacori necklace, and Lulu*s strappy bralette.