The Jump Off

Hello from NEW YORK! I finally arrived to the Big Apple and had a busy first day, landing around 7AM and headed straight to our first event. I hope you guys are following along on Snapchat (bylisalinh) to see where I'll be going and most importantly, what I'm eating. 

Continuing with the previous post, this is my day look for Call It Spring featuring the same ankle boots. Paired with this gorgeous lace detailed Lucy Paris dress, Billabong hat, and A&F sunnies, this look is certainly leaning more on the boho side. Inspired by the neutral colors that often pop up around fall, I wanted to have a cute day date look that doesn't constrict or require much work. 

The Tacori necklaces from the previous look is also worn with this, as the colors pair perfectly. Unfortunately I failed to get a good shot so click here and here to see the pieces! 

[Details] Lucy Paris dress, Call It Spring boots, Billabong hat, A&F sunnies, and Tacori jewelry