The Switch Up

Feeling blue? Cheer up buttercup, it's Friday! Doing some last minute packing as I type this, attempting to fit my weekend outfits into one weekender bag. This may be easy for a normal person, but for fashion bloggers this is a huge challenge when you're trying to shoot 3-4 looks in two days and pack for 2 events (including shoes). Add in the make-up bags, sleepwear, hairdryer/straightener, and laptop. Wish me luck! 

I'll be going away to Newport with KSOLE tonight, but beforehand I'm hitting up the LA Food & Wine Festival. Anyone else going? Follow me on Snapchat (bylisalinh) for all the delicious food and wine! Speaking of food, this classy look was worn at the GreenZone preview dinner and yes, it is out of the norm for me as I'm usually not so ladylike in my attire - hah. However, I couldn't help but throw this blue number on from Maggy London and accessorized with my favorite Tacori pieces; it's a fit I don't regret wearing at all. Perhaps I'll do this a little more often? We'll see.

Enjoy your weekend!

[Details] Maggy London dress, Tacori ring and necklace, Cici Hot heels, Sorial clutch, and ZeroUV sunnies.