Leather in This Weather

Note to self: never wear leather in 100+ degree weather. As cute as this outfit was, the sweat was not worth it. This was my MAGIC panel look for day one; I would show you what I wore the following two days after but I personally gave up trying to look cute due to the scorching heat. I literally threw up jeans/shorts and crop tops for the remainder of my stay in Vegas (lol). 

Surprisingly, this was my first time wearing a leather skirt as I never found the silhouette flattering on my body. After this look though, I think I might try it again as this has been a favorited look on my Instagram. This vegan leather skirt is from Bishop and Young, a contemporary and fast growing women's line that I've been eyeing lately. I actually have a wish list of things I want from them, as they have really cute and classic pieces. I paired the skirt with a crop top from Lulu*s, Forever 21 heels, IVI Vision sunnies, and a gorgeous gem necklace from Tacori. The bold watch is from Filippo Loreti and KSOLE has one to match me :)

If you follow me on Snapchat (bylisalinh), you might have seen my adventures this weekend in Newport. I'm recovering from the fun and am now focused on NYFW! Cannot believe that it's creeping up so quickly. With these next few weeks being hectic, you will find daily updates from me on Instagram and Snapchat (bylisalinh), but the blog will return to 3x (per week) for posts as I won't have time to update everyday. So be sure to keep up with me on Insta and Snapchat! 

Photos by LinhWinn.

[Details] Bishop + Young leather skirt, Lulu*s crop top, IVI Vision sunglasses, F21 heels, Filippo Loreti watch, and Tacori necklace.