GreenZone Pasadena's Preview Dinner

To be surrounded by good company and delicious food is a delicacy these days, especially when I hardly have time to eat a full meal as I'm usually running around LA. I had the privilege of attending their preview dinner last week, alongside a handful of other foodies. 

We started off with some delicious appetizers, my favorite was the spicy wontons and I loved it so much, I requested a whole bowl to myself. Yes, I'm a fatass :)

We then moved onto a refreshing shrimp salad before chowing down on the Hainan chicken. Now, everything served here is organic so you don't have to feel guilty about indulging in any of these dishes. Plus the portions are the perfect size so you won't be too stuffed to the point of exhaustion; also known as food coma. 

I had such a wonderful time and the night ended with a yummy mousse dessert. I had a great time catching up my blogger babes, alongside meeting new friends. Thank you GreenZone for having us! Make sure to check them out as they are now officially open in Pasadena!