Be Silent About Your Moves

Move in silence and let your success speak for itself. The key word in this statement is silence, as we naturally love to brag and show off. Isn't that what social media is all about? While my job as a blogger is to collaborate with brands and provide further exposure on their products, I try to stay as humble as possible at all times. Personally, I find it weird to show off my blogger mail/packages on Snapchat but people actually watch it and want to see what I got, so that's why I do it. I do try to keep it at a minimum tho. 

The most successful people aren't trying to grab everyone's attention by consistently spamming about what they're up to. They're the ones working their asses off day and night, behind the scenes, curating their projects and planning their next moves. I always give major props and applaud those hard workers because they have characteristics that cannot be taught. They have the drive, the motivation, and the determination to hustle and to not stop until they get to the top. I only hope that my work will leave a memorable mark and that when I die, people will remember me for the right reasons. 

With all that being said, I'm inserting a few clips from my panel discussion at WWDMAGIC. Some highlights to help answer any questions you may have about blogging/bloggers - especially since I've been getting quite a few emails/Snapchats about it :) Enjoy! 

@bylisalinh @ashbegash @jordanrisa Moderated by Noah | Matte Black PR

Now go hustle your butts off! Happy Monday. 

[Details] Tobi white dress, denim jacket borrowed from LinhWinn, and Superga shoes from A&F.