#LinhxLinh: Tobi

We're back bitches ;) Another #LinhxLinh collab and this is just part one! 

Linh Winn and I had the pleasure of working with Tobi to create two lookbooks with black and white pieces. We couldn't help but rely on DTLA to create the vibe we wanted to convey. With Flower Children Only cat ears and our Tobi outfits, we were ready to work with the Walt Disney Hall's gorgeous structure. 

As we all know, Linh's evil and I'm the angelic one - hah. Just kidding, it's actually the other way around but we all know that Linh Winn loves black too much so of course she chose this skirt and crop top combo. As for my outfit, I chose a flowy romper but I'll go into more detail in tomorrow's post featuring solo shots of the outfit. 

Stay tuned for part two of our lookbook!

Photos by KSOLE.