Charge Up

It's the weekend again! This week has flew by fast, well this entire month is flying by and I cannot believe that it's KSOLE's birthday next weekend! Cannot wait to go to San Marcos for his birthday getaway and I got a few surprises for him so make sure you're following along on Snapchat (bylisalinh) to see what happens.

In the meantime, I've recently discovered Birksun's products and was intrigued by their backpack. A solar charging backpack that's fashionable, perfect for trips, and hikes - what more do I need? The best part is that the design I selected is unisex and KSOLE is in love with it since his phone always dies while we're out. We took it on the road with us to Palm Springs and it didn't take long for it to charge up since it was 100+ degrees outside. So far, I'm loving it and certainly see it coming in handy for our future trips.

Speaking of 100+ degree temperature, summer is really taking a toll on my wardrobe. I walked out in my Junk Food graphic tee and Hollister shorts, but immediately ran back into the car with the a/c on blast. Def kept my IVI sunglasses on all weekend to keep the sun out of my eyes, but also cause I'm loving the look. I typically stray away from aviators but IVI truly got me with this one. You'll be seeing them more often!

I'll be heading to BeautyCon tomorrow so make sure to follow on Snapchat (bylisalinh) to see my adventures with Linh Winn!

P.S. Get 20% off site wide on Junk Food Clothing with my code: Blogger8109 (valid until July 11th).

[Details] Birksun backpack, IVI sunglasses, Junk Food Clothing shirt, and Hollister shorts