Just Checking In

Shirt: By Luciana

Shirt: By Luciana

It's been a little over a month since I quit my job and I've never been happier! I have less stress, more fun, and am enjoying life for what it is. The best part? Being able to work on my own schedule and travel more. In the last month, I've been to Vegas and just came back from Palm Springs. I'll be jetting off to San Marcos in another week for KSOLE's birthday and then back to Vegas for MAGIC with Linh Winn. The most anticipated place I cannot wait for is New York in September for Fashion Week - my very first time attending (the city and the event)! I am overjoyed and so appreciative for all the opportunities I've received thus far, including working with A&F, Hollister, Target, Skinny Cow, Bud Light, and more. I've been busier than ever but I seriously cannot complain because I am doing what I love.

I will admit that I did have a very frustrating moment recently when I found out that I was lied to by a supposedly good friend. I shouldn't be surprised as this industry is full of fake bitches who just want to use you and when you're to no use, they'll dump you in their own way. While I'm not crying over this minor loss, I am very much aware of people around me now and I don't have time for the bullshit so if you're not seeking to be real friends than move along. I've dropped a handful of people in the last month due to the fact that I don't have time to deal with petty shit.

With that being said, I have also had to cut down on collaborations to be able to enjoy my vacations (and to give KSOLE a break - ha). As you grow older, time is one of the most precious things you have and most of the time, you don't realize this until something tragic happens. While we're all busy building our empires, I think it is important to reiterate that it is even more important to always make time for your loved ones. Yes, we all have deadlines, projects that need to be attended to and finished with prior to doing anything else - but what if you don't get that time later? I'm not saying something bad will always happen when you miss out on a birthday or that dinner you scheduled weeks in advanced, but do remember that those who have been there for you deserve to be appreciated too. Also, put down your phone and actually listen to what he/she is saying please!

Now I'm sure there are those wondering if I'm really making money off my blog and if so, how? Well, honestly I don't want to discuss financials and I won't because it's not your business. I will say that I'm finally at the point where I am paying off my debt in a consistent rate, have all my bills and rent handled, and have extra income to spare -something I never had with a salary based job (ironically). It's truly amazing to see how much things change when you start living for yourself. I'm richer than ever and by that, I don't mean wealth. I appreciate a lot more than materialistic things in life and while I need money to pay for my bills and rent, I have found happiness in just spending time with friends over boba rather than splurge on the latest handbag. Experiences, adventures, and traveling are worth more than any pair of shoes and will provide you with the greatest return. 

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