Share Restaurant at The Hyatt

It's been less than a week and I already miss Palm Springs dearly. It has become my favorite getaway city and even more so with the Hyatt. It was my 2nd time visiting this gorgeous hotel and I came back especially for the silent DJ party. Well, I also came back for the food, the pool, weather, and the amazing hospitality provided by the entire staff. Everyone has a smile on their faces and greets you as soon as you walk in the door. They also help you out when you walk into the door, which I witnessed for the first time ever happen to someone but she was intoxicated so I can't completely blame her (haha). 

The one thing I love about weekend getaways is that it is just enough time to rejuvenate and relax before you continue on with your hustle. Let's admit it, people like me don't really rest for too long. Just enough to get away from reality and than hope back onto the grind. Palm Springs is a short trip from LA, faster than Vegas and less of a hassle when it comes to booking. The rooms are actually way nicer than half the hotels in Vegas and with more amenities without the extra costs. Room service is provided all day, definitely don't get that at Ballys! We checked in on Friday evening and were stunned by our gorgeous executive suite. I did a room tour on Snapchat and if you missed it, than you will have to just book for yourself because we literally did not want to leave the room all weekend. KSOLE did grab a few photos of the room but it really doesn't do justice so do yourself a favor and book a getaway ;) 

All KSOLE and I did the entire weekend was eat, sleep, shop, and repeat. My type of relaxation, although I will have to try the in-room spa services next trip! Here's some of my favorite dishes that we had over the weekend at Share Restaurant located in the lobby of the Hyatt. Def recommend trying it out!