Target's Style Challenge: Truth and Dare

This post was sponsored by Target.

Everyone has played Truth or Dare at some point in their life and let’s admit it, a lot of us play it safe and would rather tell the truth than to make a fool of ourselves with a dare. I’ve always been one to pick truth, as I’m a chicken when it comes to going out of my comfort zone. However, with the last few months I’ve been able to push myself further and have started to feel much more comfortable in my own skin.

I teamed up with Target and have selected to show you their version of Truth and Dare, yes “and” not “or”. Target has dared me to style a pair of jeans that I typically wouldn’t wear, while also styling my favorite go-to pair of denim. Can you guess which one is which?

With my frame, I always feel more comfortable wearing skinny jeans. I’ve always felt I look best in them and with Target’s new denim line, I certainly can wear these skinny jeans all day. Talk about ultimate comfort!

My dare? Flares. Flares were never a favorite for me, even when they were trending in middle school. I wore them but I didn’t care for them and wouldn’t want to personally purchase them. My mother, on the other hand, thought they were cute and therefore got me a few pairs for school. My fight with flares is that they are always too long on me and that I’m forced to wear heels just to make sure they don’t drag on the floor. Upon styling these, I did have to resort to my slip-on heels but this time around, the length on this Target pair, wasn’t too bad. The comfort level matches the skinnies and I do love the light wash. Overall, I enjoyed the flares and don’t mind them as much. I will have to say that it’s not an everyday pair for me though!

Now I dare you to go outside your comfort zone and try on a pair that you typically would doubt at Target! You’ll never know, you might just have a new go-to pair to add to your collection!

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