Sunset Cliffs

It's important to always take time for yourself, otherwise you'll end up on bedrest and fall ill too often - as I have. As much as I've been loving my life lately, I have found myself getting sick more because I get too caught up working away into the wee hours of the night. I've been sick on and off for the last few weeks as I haven't been able to really rest. I suppose that's the downside of being your own boss, no one covers for you when you're sick. Hoping to recover and be back 100%, but as of now I'm at 80% and pushing away to get things done on time. A girl has to get paid! 

With that being said, I'm hoping everyone is enjoying their summer! I took a trip to San Diego with Linh Winn and KSOLE the other weekend, our goal was to knock out a few looks within half a day. This was one of the looks shot, the others included the Target look from earlier this week, and one other look coming to the blog soon. 

This look features items that I got from Abercrombie. Yes, you can now find One Teaspoon denim at A&F! I'm in love with One Teaspoon shorts and paired it with Abercrombie's top, hat, and leather backpack. Such a great traveling look and the view off this cliff was the perfect scenery for the outfit. Anytime I'm next to the ocean, I'm at absolute peace. My goal is to have an ocean view house in the future. What better way than to wake up and work to a view like this? 

With August starting and just a few more months left in the year, I must say that time is really flying by this time. I'm excited for NYFW and for the upcoming holiday season! Now time to catch some sleep as I slowly recover from a nasty cold. 

[Details] Abercrombie shirt, hat, and backpack; One Teaspoon shorts, IVI Vision sunglasses, and Clarks sandals.