It’s Time to Update Your Denim

This post is sponsored by Target.

I’ll be the first to admit that I absolutely hate trying clothes on when I’m shopping, but when it comes to jeans, I know you have to because not every pair will fit you perfectly. It also becomes a hassle as the size chart for each brand varies and finding the perfect color/wash that you’ll love for the long run is another obstacle. While I love wearing jeans, I hate shopping for them!

Luckily, Target has recognized these insights and has created a line that answers all your denim struggles. Yes, your favorite store has created a line of jeans that fits any kind of mood, attitude, occasion, or lifestyle! I’m going to assume I’ll spend an extra hour in Target now, on top of the 2 hours I normally spend there – ha.

I actually got first-hand experience with Target’s denim for the last few weeks and was able to find my perfect fit. I received 3 styles to try: skinny, straight, and flare – in different washes ranging from light to dark. I’m naturally drawn to skinny jeans, as it fits me best and stay away from flares. However, I found that I really liked the fit of the high-rise flares and the light wash on that made it easy to style for summer. Besides, flares are coming back right? The straight pair didn’t work for me; the fit wasn’t flattering on my body type. I’m basically pear shaped with little on top and more on bottom ;) Although I was really drawn by the fit of the flares, the skinny’s won out of the three for their dark wash and familiarity. It was the most comfortable and practical pair for me. 

Target’s denim line surprised me a lot, as I didn’t expect the feel of the fabric to be so soft. It’s as if I’ve worn these for months and I didn’t have to break them in at all. Their color selections and variations in styles are really accommodating, so I can’t imagine someone not finding a pair that flatters them. 

Shopping for jeans just got easier with Target’s denim line and I definitely don’t dread it as much. The jeans are true to size and you know that feeling you get when you know you look damn good in something? Yeah, you’ll get that with Target’s denim line. You’ll do a mirror glance at your self, turn and be pleased with your backside view too! 

While I love the skinny jeans the best, I will have to admit that I’m open to wearing flares once in a while now, thanks to Target! Fashion is all about getting out of your comfort zone, trying new things, and personalizing items to fit your style. Target allows you to test drive all styles and washes while giving you a boost of confidence that you can’t get anywhere else. 

You can try on Target denim in stores starting July 26th and receive $10 off! Shop Target denim to find your perfect fit here. Make sure to write your own review to share your unique shape and style!

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