It Was All A Dream with Seven 'til Midnight

Dream big enough that you overcome your fears. 

This week has been flying by and I must admit that I'm behind on content creation at the moment. Planning for MAGIC while trying to meet deadlines has been a little harder lately, as things begin to pile up. Time management is def off and I need to get back on track after Vegas. I'm actually anticipating on getting a new planner to help me better organize, so hopefully that does the trick!

If you follow me on Snapchat then you've seen my latest upgrade - the iPhone 6 plus. Yeah, so the new one is coming out soon but I didn't want to wait and it's supposedly still smaller than the plus. I wanted a bigger screen and am loving it so far. So much easier to use FaceTune, haha. I'm debating on whether I want to start scheduling things in there so I don't have to carry around my planner as much. 

Enough rambling, I have to get things done today and by that, I mean shoot a few looks for the blog and schedule posts for next week since I'll be at MAGIC. See you guys there! 

[Details] Seven 'til Midnight teddy and Fete tulle skirt.