Dear 28-Year-Old Me

If you've been an avid follower of my blog, you know that occasionally I like to rant about things such as insecurities, relationships, image, and age. I'm the type that likes to write out how I feel and writing is the best way for me to release my thoughts/feelings. I actually have 4-5 journals from my teenage years that I've kept and read them the other day, as I was cleaning out my closet and all other unnecessary junk. 

Upon reading those journal entries from back in the day, I realized how naive I really was. I thought that I would be making millions of dollars by the age of 21 and be married by 25. We all craved materialistic items at some point, thinking they would make our life better. Funny thing is, most people who do get paid well and can buy whatever they want, are usually the people who are lonely, depressed, and completely unhappy with themselves. Now, I don't have any statistics on this but I've seen the characteristics amongst friends.

Money doesn't create happiness, it doesn't buy love, and it will not cure the pain you hold inside. While I wish I could turn back time and go back to advise my young self that I should be paying closer attention in class and do less daydreaming, I can at least write a letter to myself that I'll probably read next year. Why? Just because I will need a reminder of where I was and to somewhat measure how far I will go. Brace yourself for a longer entry than usual, but feel free to exit to your left if you're not in the mood. 

Dear 28-year-old me, 

Happy birthday! You're another year closer to 30, how does it feel? I hope by now that you've come to terms that there is no such thing as a time limit! You do not have to rush into anything just because you're turning 30 soon. Although I do hope that there's progress in the right direction, hah. So where were you a year ago? Do you remember? Let me refresh your memory.

A year ago, you took the first steps towards your dreams and gave up on security. You gave the corporate world one last try but after a few months, the motivation to get up and clock in wasn't there anymore. You stressed, cried, vented, and cried some more before you turned in your week and a half notice. Yeah, you were so desperate to leave, you didn't even give them a full 2 weeks. You were miserable though, so who could blame you? 

Remember that time you thought you wanted to be a nurse? That was hilarious. You hate vaccinations and needles in general, how the hell were you going to administer them? That brief stunt back to college was entertaining and you got to relive your college days, working full-time and attending classes at night. But then you realized that you're too old to stay up as late and studying just became 10x harder. The good thing is that you did enjoy the courses and passed each class with at least a B. You go girl. Your relatives were all proud of you when you announced that you wanted to pursue nursing, but let's face, you weren't doing it for yourself. You were doing it for them and that never works out.

Luckily, you gave up. Yeah, you quit something for the first time and it felt amazing right? No one judged you, in fact, you got more supporters after you quit! Funny how that works out. As things fell into place, opportunities came and collaborations with companies you never imagined working with, actually wanted to work with you. Slowly, you understood the importance of prioritizing and time management. Unfortunately, some people couldn't deal with it and your circle of friends quickly downsized. No love lost though. Through all the trails and errors, happiness and chaotic moments, you had a 6 girlfriends, 2 family members, and 1 loving boyfriend there to help you. I'm sure they're still in your life today. 

At 27, you began to realize how much shit you were holding onto. I mean that literally and emotionally. Baggage, unnecessary stress, and crap I've collected but had no use for were thrown out. Minimizing was the goal. The more things I threw out, the happier I was. Why the heck did I hold onto a bag full of electrical cords anyways? What are these empty photo albums for? I haven't worn this stuff in forever! Donations built up and GoodWill became my best friend. After all, one man's trash is another man's treasure right? Bottom line, you love where you were heading and where you are presently. There's nothing more I truly want at this point and I can only hope that by this time next year, you would have great traveling stories to share (with tons of great photos from these trips)! No better way to grow and further your knowledge than by traveling right? 

Before I go any further, let me just tell you what you've learned at 27 -

  1. You're lactose intolerant.
  2. It's OK to not answer right away (emails/phone calls/text messages).
  3. Sleep is just as important as eating. Do it often.
  4. Traveling is the best thing you can spend your money on.
  5. You have a resting bitch face and unfortunately, can't fix it.
  6. You are never alone. Just ask for help, put aside the ego.
  7. You really are always hungry. Stock up on snacks.
  8. 1738 is a type of Henny. Yes, you didn't know what Fetty was referring to for awhile.
  9. You get motion sickness, especially on boats.
  10. You really prefer sneakers over everything else. 

Now, you're 28 and have 2 years until that "dirty thirty" so create another year of fuckin' amazing memories and maybe learn not to curse so much. Good luck! 

The 27-Year-Old You.

Photos by KSOLE | Thank you to JR for allowing us to use your loft for these shots!