CatCon LA

Meow! It's no argument that cute, fluffy, and funny cats make great companions but to be surrounded by these adorable animals while being able to purchase cat related items equals heaven! I had the pleasure of attending Cat Con in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago with KSOLE and while I couldn't take home a kitten, I did walk away with a cat pillow (hah). 

Cat Con is a huge event where cat lovers unite under one roof and show love to these furry felines. Adoption was available and I was so glad to see that the majority of these babies were going to new homes. I met some great brands and people, particularly loved Sleepy Pod's concept and Meowington's style. The art work I saw was also amazing and the different toys available were super tempting. 

Overall I had a great time and recommend a visit when it comes back around. Just be prepared for long lines for the meet & greets, but that's no surprise because who doesn't want to meet Grumpy Cat? 

Thank you Cat Con for sending me and KSOLE!