Flare Friday

Bringing back the flares in today's post with AOS's #FlareFriday's campaign! The last time I wore flared jeans was in middle school and that was over a very long time ago, hah. Those were the days of DDR, hot cheetos and nacho cheese for lunch, and orchestra class. Yep, I played the violin for 8 years and regret quitting after middle school. 

While I had fun thinking back to those days, I had even more fun running through downtown in these ultra comfortable flares. My only compliant is the length of these pants, as you can see they touch the floor and I'm wearing at least 5" heels. Apparently they aren't made for "average" height people :( FYI, I'm 5'4". But, they do fit well on Linh Winn and yep, we're twinning for our post today so make sure to check hers out

Thanks AOS for the fun flares and I'm loving the whole #FlareFriday idea!