Dirt Off Your Shoulders

After two weeks of recovery from my corneal ulcer, I am finally going into the eye doctor today to get my contacts back! As much as I enjoyed the much needed rest for my eyes, I can never get used to glasses. I'll wear them once in awhile but I am excited to be getting my lenses back - but in the meantime here's a Threadsence look I put together with Spring in mind. 

I've never been a huge fan of off the shoulder tops or dresses because I felt my shoulders were too broad. I got over it after a few years and since I do have a lotus tattoo on my back, it's a good way to show it off occasionally. Before you ask, I'm never going to shade it in so don't even try to persuade me. It hurt way too much getting it outlined so I don't even want to attempt the shading. Yep, I'm a wimp. 

This dress from Threadsence has a gorgeous pattern that I adore. It's not too crazy and the color makes it a perfect Spring outfit. Paired with wedges from Threadsence as well, this picnic attire is simply effortless. For jewelry, I have on my lotus necklace from Be Mint Boutique and Kitsch engraved bracelets. 

Oh and before I forget, I gave in and started a Snapchat so add me: @bylisalinh